What is an official auction?

An official auction is a public sale of used or new assets to the highest bidder. It is performed by a sworn auctioneer registered in the State's Board of Commerce. We currently offer 2 types of auction:

How do I participate in official auctions?

Any person or company can participate in an auction as long as they have the legal ability for such. For online and on-site auctions, proponents can participate by either visiting the auction venue or following the auction through the internet. Regular official auctions require the presence of the bidder.

To participate online, you need to register previously and wait for your access to the system to be granted. Click on the REGISTER link located on the menu to begin your registration process.

Here's how the auction works: the assets being auctioned are announced in the media, and on the day of the event they are auctioned in a public session. The winner is the bidder with the highest bid, provided that the bid is higher than the minimum amount established by the seller.

The listings that remain unsold until the end of the auction can be displayed in the OPPORTUNITIES section of this website and will be available for interested buyers.

The 10 Commandments of online auctions

1) The listings will receive bids from the internet and from bidders on-site simultaneously.

2) No listing can be sold, at any time, before 3 minutes without receiving any new bids from online bidders.

3) A new bid placed during the 3 minutes remaining for the end of the auction, regardless if it's online or on-site, will extend the end of the auction for another 3 minutes.

4) The highest on-site bid received by the auctioneer will be the winner if it's not superseded by an online bidder and if the bid is above the minimum price established by the seller.

5) The highest online bid will be the winner if it's not superseded by an on-site bidder and if the bid is above the minimum price established by the seller.

6) The highest on-site bidder who's outbid by an online bidder will always have the priority to place a new bid.

7) In the lack of manifestation or upon refusal from this on-site bidder to raise the bid, than the other interested bidders will be allowed to bid.

8) When the highest offer does not achieve the reserve (minimum) price, the listing will not be sold or it will be sold conditionally, in which case the offer will be later analyzed by the seller.

9) The listing will be accepting bids as long as there are interested clients both on-site and online, or more than one online bidder placing bids, adding another 3 minutes upon every new bid.

10) A bid is only valid when it's accepted by the system; bids must also be equal or higher than the amount of the current bid plus the listing increment.

Tips for safe bidding

Before bidding on an item, we advise you to previously inspect it so to clear any questions you may have and to avoid eventual issues. The auctioneer sells items "as is" and does not accept after-purchase complaints to this regard.

How can I place my bid?

According to the type of auction, you can either place your bid in person during the auction or through the internet, following the auction in real time and placing your bids simultaneously with on-site bidders.

You can also program your bids or set a range to your offer before the auction, avoiding eventual system access difficulties during the auction.

Our clients also have the possibility of buying unsold items after the auction by visiting the OPPORTUNITIES section or contacting our sales staff on +55 11 5575-9555.

Why are auctions a good deal?

Auctions are currently the best way to trade used or new assets - both for buyer and seller. For sellers, auctions allow potential buyers to compete for an asset, ensuring the best price is achieved for their product - not to mention the immediate availability of capital and reliability of the transaction, which is mediated by an experienced, trusted professional. For buyers, the advantage is in the variety of the offers and the low price of acquisition in comparison to the prices on the conventional market.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Online bidders:

Note: it's important to remember that by setting a range of prices you are not placing an actual bid, but rather an intention to bid. Only you have access to the range you entered, and you can change the maximum bid at any time while it does not turn into an actual bid. Therefore, if you set a range of $1,000 to 10,000, your current bid is $1,000, and the bids that go up to $10,000 will only be turned into actual bids when an opponent places a bid, in which case the system will raise your bid respecting the conditions established.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - On-site bidders:

If you have more questions, please get in touch with us by accessing the CONTACT US section and filling the form accordingly. We will contact you as soon as possible!