About Deseulance

Deseulance.com executes sworn public auctions for companies that wish to sell machines, vehicles, real estate, and other surpluses in a fast, profitable, transparent and secure manner through the online and on-site auction system.

It is the only company of this segment in the world to achieve the ISO9001:2000 quality certification , an accreditation recognized in Brazil by Inmetro, in Europe by Ukas, and in the United States by ANAB.

Deseulance.com is accredited by the São Paulo State Court of Justice since 2009 to execute official court auctions according to the terms of CSM Provision number 1625/2009.

Deseulance.com's internet auction participation and management system was entirely developed and is maintained by its own team, which is comprised of experienced professionals and renowned sworn auctioneers who have been in the market for decades and who possess the "know-how" from thousands of auctions performed.

Since 2004 Deseulance.com has undertaken, with absolute success, hundreds of auctions on both online and on-site modes (with real-time interactivity between participants online and those on site), ensuring excellent business opportunities for buyers and sellers as well as also making possible for people and companies from all parts of the country - and even the world - to participate.

Deseulance.com has in its client portfolio organizations such as Unilever, Electrolux, GL Group (Pial-Legrand, Lorenzetti), Sadia, Sabic-Innovative, Grupo Saint-Gobain, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Maggi, Parmalat, Construtora OAS, Fosfértil-Ultrafértil, Banco do Brasil, SP State Railroad Department, and the Justice Department, among others.


WEB Servers and Database
Our dedicated servers are installed in a secured, high performance data center maintained by Locaweb (the leader in website hosting in Latin America) with 99.5% availability guaranteed by contract.

Energy and Communication
Our premises are equipped with power generators with autonomy of approximately 25 hours, and we're also connected to the World Wide Web through 2 corporate high bandwidth internet links, besides having contingency 3G links.

Customer Service
Deseulance.com's office is located in the southern region of São Paulo and has an auditorium for performing auctions and a complete customer service structure. The office is easily accessible and provides all the staff and resources required to execute and manage auctions.

Final Considerations

For more information, please also check the links available in our home page and listed below, or contact us by either using the form available in the CONTACT US section, emailing contato@deseulance.com, or calling +55 11 5575-9555.

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HELP – general information on user registration and participation in auctions performed by Deseulance.com.