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About us executes sworn public auctions for companies that wish to sell machines, vehicles, real estate, and other surpluses in a fast, profitable, transparent and secure manner through the online and on-site auction system.

It is the only company of this segment in the world to achieve the ISO9001:2000 quality certification, an accreditation recognized in Brazil by Inmetro and, in the international market, by IAF and ANAB. is accredited by the São Paulo State Court of Justice since 2009 to execute official court auctions according to the terms of CSM Provision number 1625/2009.'s internet auction participation and management system was entirely developed and is maintained by its own team, which is comprised of experienced professionals and renowned sworn auctioneers who have been in the market for decades and who possess the know-how from thousands of auctions performed.

Since 2004 has undertaken, with absolute success, hundreds of auctions on both online and on-site modes (with real-time interactivity between participants online and those on site), ensuring excellent business opportunities for buyers and sellers as well as also making possible for people and companies from all parts of the country - and even the world - to participate. has in its client portfolio organizations such as Unilever, Electrolux, GL Group (Pial-Legrand, Lorenzetti), Sadia, Sabic-Innovative, Grupo Saint-Gobain, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Maggi, Parmalat, Construtora OAS, Fosfértil-Ultrafértil, Banco do Brasil, SP State Railroad Department, and the Justice Department, among others.

Why are auctions a good deal?

Auctions are currently the best way to trade used or new assets - both for buyer and seller. For sellers, auctions allow potential buyers to compete for an asset, ensuring the best price is achieved for their product - not to mention the immediate availability of capital and reliability of the transaction, which is mediated by an experienced, trusted professional. For buyers, the advantage is in the variety of the offers and the low price of acquisition in comparison to the prices on the conventional market.

Besides, the auctioneer is responsible for preparing, advertising, and executing the auction, as well as settling everything. In summary, your organization does not need to allocate staff from other functions to focus on the asset selling process.

Also, in our auctions NOTHING is charged from you before the auction, as all expenses incurred in preparing the auction are deducted from the total sales amount, and NO asset will be sold for a price lower than the one previously established by you when assessing the listings.

There is no investment needed and, consequently, no risks!

Our Differentiators

TRANSPARENCY: by logging in our website, the seller can follow the entire process online, seeing in real time all bids received, as well as access all reports related to the auction.

QUALITY: In August 2007, Deseulance became the first company specialized in on-site & online auctions to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification, which guarantees differentiated service and high quality standards in all services provided by us in Brazil and all over the world.

EXPERIENCE: our team has over 30 years of experience in all steps to organizing an auction, especially in the proper division and arrangement of batches according to technical and commercial criteria, guaranteeing homogeneous, commercially attractive batches, which is extremely important to the success of your auction.

INFRASTRUCTURE: we have a convention room connected to the internet through optic fiber with redundant links and a 25KVA power generator that guarantees the system stability even in the case of connection issues or power outages.

SECURITY: our website is the only that features a login mask, which avoids users participating or following the auction from identifying the other bidders and, therefore, avoids any kind of intimidation that could harm or inhibit user participation and fair competition.

Work Methodology

We plan, organize, and execute our auctions with our clients' tranquility in our minds, taking charge of all administrative and operational activities so to free you from having to displace staff from their regular tasks.

1) Auction authorization: After the commercial negotiation, we start the process after receiving the authorization from the company to execute the auction.

2) Schedule: We plan our schedule considering all the stages necessary to the process, including the deadlines for each milestone, which allows us to monitor and manage the auction objectively.

3) Batch arrangement: We separate the assets to be auctioned following technical and commercial criteria as well as addressing the seller's interests.

4) Minimum Price suggestion: Our price suggestion follows market researches and the history in our databases, and is sent to the seller's evaluation for approval or changes so that the Official Auction Assessment can be done.

5) Advertising: We take care of all the advertising necessary to the perfect communication of the auction, including announcements in our website, digital mailings, newspaper publications, direct contact and prospection of potential buyers, etc.

6) Auction execution: Our sworn auctioneers perform the online and on-site auction, allowing simultaneous, real time competition between online and on-site bidders.

7) Auction outcome: After the end of the auction, we inform the outcome of the auction, including the items that received bids but did not reach the reserve price, making room for eventual price negotiations.

8) Sales administration: We collect the payment for the items sold, gathering all the information necessary for the note of sales, and guide buyers as to dates and locations where the items can be picked up.

9) Settling: We provide all the information necessary for the settlement, including sales and expense reports, so on the date established in the schedule the settlement can be done with the seller.

10) After the auction: Eventual items that remain unsold from the auction may be treated by our commercial staff, who will announce them to potential buyers.

Advertising Material

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